Website and player back up after recent downtime

Thanks for for your patience recently as my web host provider powered down to migrate their servers for a couple days. According to my webstats the player was down longer due to its security being reset to defaults. Everything back to working fine now.



Embed MP3 player on Your Website with FreeVideoCoding.com

I have been posting my interview MP3s in a player on my Food Allergy site for some time. It works very well in keeping people on my website for hours. Here is my most recent interview embedded on blogger with the same code that I used to embed on the actual interview page.

The option I chose on freevideocoding.com was "Link to Embedded Player (from image)" as you can see to prevent the player from activating when the page is opened I included an image as a cover. You can chose ANY media format to embed an MP3, I chose Windows Media format. [NOTE: the web visitor's web browser actually chooses which player will be used.]


On most pages on my food allergy site I used my software, Video Code Maker, to create the code to embed the MP3 AND "marry google ads" to the player itself. You can place any image above your player or beside it with Video Code Maker.

Nerissa Oden


Deliver MP3 files in an Embedded Player

When posting an MP3 file with FreeVideoCoding.com, first choose the player you want. (Hint: Only Windows, Quicktime and Real can play .mp3 files. In other words, don't choose Flash player to play mp3 files.)
2. Then enter the url of your MP3 file.
3. Choose "Embed the player"
4. Choose a player size (320x0, 240x0, or 160x0)
5. Choose "yes" or "no" for "AUTOPLAY" option.
6. Choose "yes" for "DISPLAY CONTROLS?".

MP3 embedded with Windows player (320x0 size) using FreeVideoCoding.com.
NOTE: Your browser determines which player you actually see. Even though I chose to post using a Windows player, YOU may actually seeing right now a quicktime player ot real player. YOUR browser determines which player you see. So, I recommend choosing Windows player because it's frame is largest of the three types of players.



Vpip (video playing in place) option

Video Playing In Place. On FreeVideoCoding.com
this feature is called "Link to embedded player (with image)". But the web is buzzing about what they are calling "Vpip." Link to Embedded Player (with image) (or Vpip) is THE OPTIMAL WAY TO POST MULTIPLE VIDEOS embedded in players ON THE SAME PAGE and with pages containing one video over 3MB in file size.

Here's are 4 examples of the Vpip effect using FreeVideoCoding.com

Flash (swf) format:

Real format:

Windows (wmv):

Quicktime (mov):

1. Always choose "autostart" option with this feature to ensure happy web visitors. Your video will autostart immediately after clicking the image.

2. Link back to FreeVideoCoding.com is an optional feature. You can choose to NOT display the link back to FreeVideoCoding.com but it would be very if you did.

That's a wrap!
Nerissa Oden


How to Embed a WMV Video

To embed your WMV video to any webpage using FreeVideoCoding.com
, make these selections:

1) Windows Media
2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"
3) Embed player
4) Click on common player size to automatically enter Height and Width. (I used 320x240 for the below example.)
5) Enable autoplay? NO
6)Display controls? YES
7) Support site? YES
8) Click button "Make HTML"
9) I copied the generated html and pasted it below in this blog post.


NOTE: When you embed a WMV video player in your webpage, it will automatically download to your web visitors as soon as they land on the page. EVEN if you did not select "autoplay". Videos act a lot like pics in this respect on the web. They want to show themselves to you as soon as you get there. Usually this auto downloading is not a detriment to your web visitors when you have just one embedded video. But when you have several embedded videos onteh same page, it can be a nightmare for your web visitors. Even one huge video file downloading can make people upset.

Embed WMV VIDEO file using "Link to Embedded Player"

When you use "Link to Embedded Player" feature in FreeVideoCoding.com, the image that you link to your player will be automatically resized to fit your selected embedded player's size (ie: 320x240).

See three examples that link to to an embedded player at weblink below - all samples use the same image and wmv video file, but each one is displayed as a different size.

"Link to Embedded Player" feature incorporates java scripting in it's generated html. And some free website services (like Blogger.com) don't allow javascripting. To see working samples of "Link to Embedded Player with Image" feature, visit this page on my personal website.

FVC uses _javascript to make your linking image the same size as your player (ie: 320x240) so that your website contents don't shift when video is played.


How to Link an IMAGE to a WMV File

I went to FreeVideoCoding.com and I made these selections:

1) Windows Media
2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"
3) Link to player
4) Image
5) Image file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/images/image-link01.jpg"
6) Click button "Make HTML"
7) I copied the generated html and pasted it below in my blog post.

NOTE: This html does NOT resize your image or your video.

How to Link to a WMV File Using TEXT

I went to FreeVideoCoding.com and I made these selections:

1) Windows Media
2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"
3) Link to player
4) Text
5) I typed "Click to see link to wmv file in action!"
6) Click button "Make HTML"
7) I copied the generated html and pasted it below in my blog post.

Click to see link to wmv file in action!

NOTE: You can make the text say anything you want! This html video code will NOT resize your video for you.