How to Embed a WMV Video

To embed your WMV video to any webpage using FreeVideoCoding.com
, make these selections:

1) Windows Media
2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"
3) Embed player
4) Click on common player size to automatically enter Height and Width. (I used 320x240 for the below example.)
5) Enable autoplay? NO
6)Display controls? YES
7) Support site? YES
8) Click button "Make HTML"
9) I copied the generated html and pasted it below in this blog post.


NOTE: When you embed a WMV video player in your webpage, it will automatically download to your web visitors as soon as they land on the page. EVEN if you did not select "autoplay". Videos act a lot like pics in this respect on the web. They want to show themselves to you as soon as you get there. Usually this auto downloading is not a detriment to your web visitors when you have just one embedded video. But when you have several embedded videos onteh same page, it can be a nightmare for your web visitors. Even one huge video file downloading can make people upset.


  1. adam Forgione2/15/07, 7:17 PM

    i am having that problem where i select autostart to OFF and it still autostarts, how do i stop that from happening?

  2. I cannot duplicate your issue using my test WMV file. Could you be experiencing auto-downloading? When you embed a WMV, MOV, or RM video player in your webpage, it will automatically download for your web visitors as soon as they land on the page. EVEN if you did not select "autoplay".

    Without seeing your test page it's hard to say for sure. But you could use "Link to embedded player (from image)" to stop the auto-downloading.


  3. Hello, I don't understand step #2:

    2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"

    Where do I store/save/upload? my avi before I can "Make HTML"?

    Thank you very much.


  4. Hi Max,
    You can upload your avi to your webhost via ftp software or upload feature they offer.

    If you don't have your own webhost and are using a free service like blogger that doesnt host your videos for you THEN you need to chose a video host. Another free resource of mine is http://FreeMediaGuide.com. And it lists several free video hosting companies that FreeVideoCoding.com recommends.

  5. Is there any way to put a counter on the file to see how many times it has been played?

  6. Try this free service for counting views of your videos


  7. Great Site, Great commentary, YOU ROCK!

  8. Do you have a secure server available? I tried https://www.freevideocoding.com and it works in IE but Firefox won't allow it to load due to the certificate not matching the domain. Thanks!

  9. I'm assuming my server is secure. Sorry about the certificate message!
    I'll add that to my wish list for next programmer. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  10. Hi All,
    Can you please explain how to get videos i have created on my PC to some place where they have URL? I have a web host I have been using for domain stuff and am just now trying to vreate a web site, without much skill: www.bluefrogfactory.com

  11. Blue Frog,
    Typically, one needs to upload all their files to their web host using FTP software. Instructions for uploading files (web pages, video files, etc.) should be available via your web host FAQ section.


  12. I am trying to stream a video so in place of the URL to the file I put the URL to my PC cam encoder like this:


    When I open the page I see the place where the vide should play but nothing happens.



  13. I would suggest to use a cross-browser JavaScript library Voynex Object Embedding ( http://voynex.com/products/object-embedding ) to easily embed windows media audio/video to your HTML documents. With the help of this library you can embed audio, video and other types of objects in one line of code.