Embed MP3 player on Your Website with FreeVideoCoding.com

I have been posting my interview MP3s in a player on my Food Allergy site for some time. It works very well in keeping people on my website for hours. Here is my most recent interview embedded on blogger with the same code that I used to embed on the actual interview page.

The option I chose on freevideocoding.com was "Link to Embedded Player (from image)" as you can see to prevent the player from activating when the page is opened I included an image as a cover. You can chose ANY media format to embed an MP3, I chose Windows Media format. [NOTE: the web visitor's web browser actually chooses which player will be used.]


On most pages on my food allergy site I used my software, Video Code Maker, to create the code to embed the MP3 AND "marry google ads" to the player itself. You can place any image above your player or beside it with Video Code Maker.

Nerissa Oden