How to Link to a WMV File Using TEXT

I went to FreeVideoCoding.com and I made these selections:

1) Windows Media
2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"
3) Link to player
4) Text
5) I typed "Click to see link to wmv file in action!"
6) Click button "Make HTML"
7) I copied the generated html and pasted it below in my blog post.

Click to see link to wmv file in action!

NOTE: You can make the text say anything you want! This html video code will NOT resize your video for you.


  1. I used the code generated for pop-up player from ur site , but its nopt working , i need help , I tried one you tube video link as a pop-up player but its not working

  2. Youtube links do not work when making code for Windows format.

  3. dear friend, i also using embed player. i have more video clips. but i want to use these clips in one window. example. i have four clips of video. i link one clip and play. again link other to play. in diffrent window. but i think these clips paly as a film like without intrruption. please say. please mail me. thanks

  4. Cheers for this, i have spent ages trying to find out how to link to wmv video files using text - it works perfectly!