Embed WMV VIDEO file using "Link to Embedded Player"

When you use "Link to Embedded Player" feature in FreeVideoCoding.com, the image that you link to your player will be automatically resized to fit your selected embedded player's size (ie: 320x240).

See three examples that link to to an embedded player at weblink below - all samples use the same image and wmv video file, but each one is displayed as a different size.

"Link to Embedded Player" feature incorporates java scripting in it's generated html. And some free website services (like Blogger.com) don't allow javascripting. To see working samples of "Link to Embedded Player with Image" feature, visit this page on my personal website.

FVC uses _javascript to make your linking image the same size as your player (ie: 320x240) so that your website contents don't shift when video is played.

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  1. Hi:
    I tried the WMV player and it works great! Is there any way to imbed a player with my file on my server space and get it to play or stream back to a link on my web pages faster than waiting for a five minute file download?
    Walt Barrett chinadepot@gmail.com
    My video is www.chinadepot.com/video/Forte.wmv and it is a 16 minute ewildlive video.