Vpip (video playing in place) option

Video Playing In Place. On FreeVideoCoding.com
this feature is called "Link to embedded player (with image)". But the web is buzzing about what they are calling "Vpip." Link to Embedded Player (with image) (or Vpip) is THE OPTIMAL WAY TO POST MULTIPLE VIDEOS embedded in players ON THE SAME PAGE and with pages containing one video over 3MB in file size.

Here's are 4 examples of the Vpip effect using FreeVideoCoding.com

Flash (swf) format:

Real format:

Windows (wmv):

Quicktime (mov):

1. Always choose "autostart" option with this feature to ensure happy web visitors. Your video will autostart immediately after clicking the image.

2. Link back to FreeVideoCoding.com is an optional feature. You can choose to NOT display the link back to FreeVideoCoding.com but it would be very if you did.

That's a wrap!
Nerissa Oden


  1. Hi Nerissa--These codes are great and helpful, thanks so much! I'd like to promote the site with a link, but what I'd really love is a little button or chicklet I could add to my sidebar. Do you have one I could use? Thanks!

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  3. hey, I`d like to know if I can have it automatically resize the video to fit the screen resolution? because recoding the video to a lower resolution is a time consuming process.

  4. Hi Yash,
    FreeVideoCoding.com will post your videos in whatever size you choose or pick from the presets. It will not however reduce the file size. If your video file is 2MB, then FVC will create HTML to display your 2MB video in a variety of frame sizes.
    I love using these free encoders to reduce video FILE sizes--
    *Riva Free
    Flash Encoder
    *Windows Media Encoder


  5. Hello, I don't understand step #2:

    2) Media file location (url) -- "http://www.freevideocoding.com/video/FreeVideoCodingWMV.wmv"

    Where do I first save/upload my avi so I may embed it into my website after I "Make HTML"?

    Thank you,

  6. Where are the instructions for using .mpeg and .avi files. None of the options will work for an .avi file I'm trying to upload.
    Thanks in advance

  7. You may post AVI and MPEG1 and MPEG2 files using Windows, Quicktime, and Real Players. In other words, you can start the form by choosing any of these three options first. then continue as normal.

    The reason is...all of these players will play AVI and MPEGs(1 and 2). Flash players will only play Flash files.


  8. any chance making a black flaplayer?

  9. Hi,

    I have downloaded the suggested code:

    Where do I post the link for any Video. On top or bottom of your script. Please demonstrate a full method. It could be usefull for a nowise like me.

  10. The video link should be inserted into form on www.freevideocoding.com Then code should be created, then code pasted into a page or blog.

  11. Hi is there a way to make the video loop?


  12. To make a video loop play, add this code--


  13. is there a way i can insert 2 url instead of 1 url?

  14. Hi
    Thanks for your useful site.
    I use your code to launch audio only streams.
    Is ther a way I can have my logo in the media player window?

  15. Gary,
    When you use www.freevideocoding.com to embed audio only files (MP3, wma, mpa, wav, etc) be sure to choose an appropriate "media player height" and "media player width" made for audio-only files. The most popular preset media player size is 320x0. Or make the player larger by custom sizing your player.

    The other thing you can do is to turn your audios into videos with simple software like MovieMaker or iMovie. Make your logo image in the video track and extend its length to end of the audio. Next, make it a movie by outputting the timeline as a video media file. Last use www.freevideocoding.com to create embed code for your new video.

  16. Hi , how can i reduce (certain length) the duration of a video from its original length (duration)

  17. Hi Nerissa, I still don't know where to locate the URL of my video clip as in Step 2. I have uploaded the video into File Manager on my Yola website but now I want to embed it how do I get past Step 2?

  18. Anonymous, you will need to contact your webhost and ask them to tell you where or how to locate the URL for your video clip that you uploaded on on their service.

  19. I am setting up a website on Yola--I want to inbed a video into a page. I saved the video and a picture to sky drive, then used free video coding. The HTML goes into the site, but no video or picture comes up--what am I doing wrong?