Deliver MP3 files in an Embedded Player

When posting an MP3 file with FreeVideoCoding.com, first choose the player you want. (Hint: Only Windows, Quicktime and Real can play .mp3 files. In other words, don't choose Flash player to play mp3 files.)
2. Then enter the url of your MP3 file.
3. Choose "Embed the player"
4. Choose a player size (320x0, 240x0, or 160x0)
5. Choose "yes" or "no" for "AUTOPLAY" option.
6. Choose "yes" for "DISPLAY CONTROLS?".

MP3 embedded with Windows player (320x0 size) using FreeVideoCoding.com.
NOTE: Your browser determines which player you actually see. Even though I chose to post using a Windows player, YOU may actually seeing right now a quicktime player ot real player. YOUR browser determines which player you see. So, I recommend choosing Windows player because it's frame is largest of the three types of players.


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